Better! Cities & Towns
Philip Langdon, Senior Editor

"The decision maker's bridge to stronger, greener communities." Substantive, concise and current information about New Urbanism, Smart Growth and walkable communities. In print and online.

 Smart Growth Network

An online resource tapping into the Smart Growth Network a partnership of non-profit and government organizations promoting development that boosts the economy, protects the environment and enhances community vitality.

 The Original Green
by Stephen Mouzon
The Original Green: Unlocking the Mystery of True Sustainability

Steve Mouzon s online resource and blog about commonsense sustainability and living traditions.

 Ecovillages Newsletter
Diana Leafe Christian

An informative newsletter about ecovillages and related projects worldwide.

Free Range Kids

A lively, informative blog about raising safe, self-reliant children without going nuts with worry.

 Bog: Habitat re-imagined
Ron Czecholinski

This blog highlights a variety of stories and examples of community and community-making most related to similar topics that are covered in the Pocket Neighborhood book and website.

 The State of Grace Document

This is a collaboration process used to establish healthier, more resilient relationships in business, community and personal life.

 Governance Alive

Decision making tools for healthy, dynamic communities.

  Build a Better Burb

This site presents a wide array of ideas, photographs, images and designs to re-imagine suburbia. It focuses on Long Island, but will inspire new thinking across the country.