Close to Launch!

We’ve been hard at work under the hood to get this rocket ready for launch. There will be a lot of information about Pocket Neighborhoods that should be useful for a wide range of readers — the general public, city planners, developers, architects and builders.  We’re new on the block — so we welcome your suggestions to improve the site, and to connect to the wider world.  Get ready, get set, . . .

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  1. Shay Reynols says:

    We are located in Austin Texas with the business model of selling small houses to the public. Our great desire is to create a pocket neighborhood that is affordable to place a small or micro house on the land. We are looking for a partner willing to work together developing pocket neighborhoods near transit and future transit zones.

  2. kathy says:

    I am interested in the Pocket Homes…Is there any plans to build in/suburbs of Seattle, Washington?
    thank you!

  3. livy says:

    Thankyou to the author and Yahoo! All keep passing the word…Indeed if one is urban living&even suburban, Pocket home areas are the way to go. Bring down the walls, grow gardens and porches and care for one another.We’re all connected! Builders keep promoting the Pockethomes concept please. Am dreaming it for Detroit and Chicago,too.Have pleasantly lived in a ‘sorta’ pocket neighborhood in MT 20+ years.(Got to love that word”sorta”! 6 offspring use it alot!)In our” hoodpocket” our homes front 2 streets that begin a long block just off a busy major thoroughfare,diverge at one end,&are separated by a tree/shrub/grass/dirt& picnic-tabled triangular-shaped greenspace.SomeNeighbors prefer absolute privacy and keep backyard fences but mostchildren,adults&their pets alike enjoy this lovely space. Being not far from homeless shelters the public park provides respite for the occasional homeless as long as there are no incidence of alcohol/drug parties or any conflicting behavior.Native flora&fauna namely deer,squirrels ,birds,bats&other wildlife are periodic occupants. Skunks&foxes have been known to slink through at night. Neighborhood picnics are orchestrated. The park is owned&somewhat maintained by our CityParks&Recreation Dept but for the most part we residents keep it fairly neat cleaning up after those who don’t. Because of close proximity to the throroughfare keeping traffic speeds to a safe state is difficult even though we residents complain and have asked for “children at play” signage,
    The unfortunate problem is we have to yell at speeding drivers

  4. Teresa says:

    Will there be any pocket homes in California? There is so much countryside around here…but looking at somewhere where it doesn’t snow.

  5. I’m very interested living in one of these Common Ground neighborhood communities. Please let me know if one comes up in Ohio. Thank you, Carolynn Yessler

    • admin says:

      Seems like Ohio is ready for a pocket noeighhorhood. We haven’t yet heard from a developer who is considering one, though. Talk with your city to find if they have a zoning pathway to allow for this. Show them this website, or better, give them a copy of the book. And ask about builders or developers in the area who ‘get it’. Then give us a call. Good luck!

  6. brad kaplan says:

    will you be traveling east anytime soon ? Ohio or Illinois ? I would love to interview you for our real estate industry law blog or have you speak to our firm’s Real Estate Law Practice Group. We are one of the largest in the Mid West. Your concept is what got me started blogging !

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